January 12th 2020


Interesting that in January I am bombarded by well wishers (presumably) asking me if I want more from my blog, if i’m realising the true potential of my blog, if I could be making more money from my blog? Offering me the world for the measly sum of 100 units or there abouts, be them dollars, pounds, yap or whatever. I’m assuming I will get access to some sort of video tutorials and maybe the odd email exchange in return for my hard earned cash, which will be  deposited in the assailant’s bank account; easily earned cash. Praying on the desperate and disparate wanting to pay back the loans taken on over Christmas to give the kids a good time, in a vague promise to earn some dosh. My advice if you want to earn some extra cash, write and rewrite your cv, send it to some companies get your tackle out and see what bites.

I thought about this for around a second and then reminded myself that I never hear from these people for the rest of the year, and if they read my blog no where would they see me whining that I don’t get enough out of my blog. How dare these fuckers assume to realise what I may or may not want from my blog. To fill my blog with tags and links advertising lifestyle hacks and promising the world is “Fake Blogging”. I’d like to think that each and every follower of mine follows me because they stumbled across me by accident and liked the cut of my grammar, or something. I’ll continue to work hard for my self and if I pick up a few followers along the way, then so be it.

I came here for many reasons, one of them was to get away from the pop ups and irrelevant adverts I was increasingly receiving on FB (an awful medium), spending as much time scrolling through mountains of shite to get to a photo of a cat, an animal I’m not terribly interested in, but please yourself cat lovers unless of course you feel that you’re not getting enough out of your pet care, in which case send me £50 and i’ll clutter your inbox with a load of adverts and sing “London Calling”down the phone to you in a cat voice. In saying this i’d rather not be bothered by pop ups when I’m here thank you.

If you would like to help me to get more from my blog then please come and ask me what I want, rather than assuming you know and presuming you know me. You probably know who you are, and if you read my blog which I think you must do, on a daily basis, as you have so many tips for me, you probably know who I am. Then thanks but no thanks. Pester someone else. One day my ship will come and I too may be able to have thousands of followers clamouring on my every word as to the activities of 4 fine folk walking their dogs in the Kingdom of Shrawley. Believe me it’s fucking interesting with dubious facts of the day, faces in things, FOWC and Your Daily Word Prompts, FOTD, Color your World, Friday Fictioneers, etc etc the list goes on.

Happy 12th Jan folks, don’t be afraid I won’t bite anything other than my tongue and my food, and will often put my foot in my mouth.


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