Friday Fictioneers: Black Death

And back to normal, and breathe. Hello Rochelle and hello to all the other FF’s this week has been absolutely filthy, weather-wise and if I see another raindrop i’ll eat my galoshes. This is a welcome warm photo by J Hardy Carroll.

Lets see what the story pans out into.

On my Marks…

Get Set…


2121: Biome City Mars, breathable air, crops proliferating, population growing fast.

Scouts bring reports of a Cadaverous Raped and Mephitic Earth, ruled by legions of canabalistic cockroaches.

The Pioneers had enough solar energy to power vehicles efficiently, but Mars lacked  lithium, meaning the ancient batteries were failing catastrophically.

In a quiet experimental district tons and tons of Organic matter waste was being continually shovelled into industrial sized composters which compacted the mulch and superheated under intense pressure for years and years.

 The scientist, smiling, held the beaker up to the sun; seeing a shimmering black vicious liquid, sloshing around the sides.

There we are a 100 word cautionary tale on how to screw up another planet, lets hope it doesn’t come to that.



  1. For human occupation, Mars would benefit from a good slug of carbon dioxide. At present it’s very cold, but the greenhouse effect could begin to make it habitable. At all events, the Pioneers won’t have the population density to trash the planet – not for quite a long time, anyway.


  2. Oh sure, make mineral oil and start the mess all over again. Perfect story, describes us to a tee. Only on Mars it won’t take so long, and where will we go next? BTW I read about research about fluoride-ion batteries possibly replacing lithium-ion batteries in the future. Let’s hope so.

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