January 16th 2020


Sad day today. M’s mum, who I shall name in the interests of honouring her, had her funeral today at the Wyre Forest Crem. She was called Erika and was, by the sounds of it, an absolute inspiration to many children whom she taught in inner city Birmingham. She had a real passion for music (why wouldn’t you?), and at the end of the service the “theme tune” (not the right term) for Peter and the Wolf was played. Which took me back to the white washed cellar TV room at Stoneybridge School in the late 70’s, cold, dark and awash with a woefully bad bass vibration when turned up beyond 5. Thats where I first became aware of Peter and the Wolf and was probably the last time I heard the music. Save for today.

I didn’t know Erika, but thank you for the music.

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