Sky Watch Friday

I feel like I’m cheating a little bit and here is how I manage.

It’s Sunday as I post a photo taken on Saturday evening under the title of “Skywatch Friday”

I’ve said it, i’m a big fat fraud, but its my blog and as I have mentioned countless times, I can do as I please and a little rule bending never hurt anyone, thats probably untrue but until the phrase is removed from the common lexicon then you’re stuck with it.

Oh, and there is now filter applied here.



  1. some say the alure of the Northen lights is tempting. .. with a considerable time to get there AND a carbon cost

    others say Dom T captures the fun and exhilaration of the Nordics .. but offers the world a saviour from Worcestershire.. Dom did it in such a way that Greta and Sir David A’.. would be proud of .. Thank you for sharing it’s location. your pictorial essence is such an inspiring start to my week.

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