This is my opinion and I have nothing personally against leavers, but I like a rant.

3 prompts; 3 words which could all speak of one thing, Fucking Brexit. The unmitigated disaster which dare not speak its name, a shambles of epic proportions, gradually unfolding just out of view, so we have only glimpses behind the curtain to see what is happening, as if by slow motion.

The attempt to narrow the beautifully diverse ethnicity of our glorious nation which was so Bombastically presented with grandiose gestures and 3 word soundbites “Get Brexit Done” “Blah, blah, blah”.

For my folks, it was the immigrants, specifically the ones of a different colour, the ones who brought prosperity and contemporary diversity to otherwise grey inner cities after the war. The ones who helped to get Britain back up off its arse after the 40’s. Brexit meant different things to different folks, some blatantly racist, some not blatantly racist, some isolationist and some concerned about the angle of bananas and the thickness of cucumbers.

For me, I’m a remainer, and an average bloke on the street with, I should imagine, pretty standard and reasonably rational views, fairness for everyone, taxing the rich more and protecting the NHS, christ the NHS is so important, we’re going to need it in the future, everyone does.

But we strand on the precipice, gawping wide eyed into the Gaping Maw of Britain without Europe; Brexit. We leave in less than a week; 11pm on January 31st. Boris tried to fast track fixing Big Ben’s clapper to announce the leaving with a fanfare of bongs, we’ed be better off getting hold of a load of actual bongs and smoking ourselves into oblivion to wake up in a Britain so paranoid no one can look at each other in the eye. Behind the windows, the sucking of smoke through water, bubble, bubble, bubble. Is it going to be easier to get hash or harder as a result of Brexit? Are dealers stockpiling the stuff?

What are the tactics?

It occurs to me that the Government and the press have been deathly quiet since the New Year, and since Brexit is the biggest shift this country has seen since, I don’t know when, the fucking ice age, the impression given is that either;

  • the Government doesn’t know what is going to happen, or
  • the Government isn’t telling us what is going to happen, or
  • the Government really doesn’t care what is going to happen.

In which case, Thank you Mogg, Johnson and the fucking rest of you, great job. But maybe we’ll learn who is staying on Love Island next Friday night, we can watch fake people with fake bodies talk to each other about social media in Bikinis and Budgy Smugglers, so thats all right.

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