The wait is nearly over and as the excitement mounts as to what the devil we intend to do with our slowly deconstructing economy and the future we have decided to force our children to deal with in the longer term and us in the immediate short term.

So with this in mind myself and N decided to take a more freestyle off road wander through the beautiful Shrawley woods, there was news of a land slip; a huge amount of the steep once quarried sandstone ledge we once stood on a couple of years back (check back in the blog which usefully has no index and no contents, I wish you good fortune, regular readers will of course remember that post and laugh as a mist of warm comfortable nostalgia envelops you, others not so.) News was thew ledge had fallen and a slab the size of a range rover was sat in the River below.

We reached said cliff, there was a stone in the river, but not range rover size, but a sizeable piece of orange sandstone had collapsed, trees had fallen in the path of destruction and ground was disturbed for the first time in hundreds of years. Sad truth is M and C were not here to see it, nor Hattie or Mrs T who has a Kindle paper-white, a very comfortable bed and a plentiful supply of tea and biscuits. Leaving the woods the entrance sign welcoming everybody, and telling people not to drop litter, to pick up after their dogs, to stop grooming their dogs, to keep dogs on a lead, to not ride horses in the woods, etc etc had been damaged, some say vandalised by the crystal meth smoking youths of the Northern end of the village, the 01299 dialling code zone, the badlands. Many folk don’t return from New Inn lane the listlessness otiose nature of the inhabitants makes for the outpost of Colonel Kurtz, since the departure of Lord Tesh, king of the village, the people have lost direction.

But do not panic, because as a means of reigniting the fire within the loins of the masses we in No longer so Great Britain, have produced a commemorative 50 pence piece to celebrate Brexit, just so we don’t forget its happening on Friday 31st. Only 5 more sleeps. How are we going to cope with the excitement? I’ll have to take the kids through the car wash to keep them entertained, maybe i’ll take Mrs T’s Tesla through too, or maybe not, do electric cars work through automated car washes? I find the keyless car instructions worrying at the best of times and I wash my car once a month courtesy of the tax payer; thanks for that.

Just as an aside as we walked up the road this morning we saw C returning from her morning walk, we don’t walk together at the weekends, we’ve all had enough of each other by then, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, so we all take a break, keeps it fresh and exciting. Come to think of it C had probably heard us coming and pretended to have finished her walk, maybe she was setting out, heard us and pretended otherwise.

Any one who reads this far, I had to look up Otiose, but i’ve used the word twice so that makes me the winner.


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