February 16th 2020


Our local pub has flooded again, just after they had the rooms replastered as a result of the last floods. Its so lovely in the summer, the River Severn rushing by, relentlessly, hiding the killer currents until they manifest themselves when a drunk tries to swim across on a summer’s evening. Sad and true.

It rose about 6 inches in the 2 hours I was there, and it wasn’t raining, a fiesta submerged with only the roof showing now, I couldn’t get a photo, it would be like photographing an accident on the motorway, a nightmare.



  1. I expect it takes money and effort to design flood areas and water diversions. I once stood and watched in amazement the cricket pitch in Worcester flood and that was in the 70s.
    Easy to say I know:
    I stayed in a holiday site chalet in Corsica, it rained all night, in the morning I discovered why the chalets were built four feet above the ground. We had to wade waist deep to higher ground. it took 24hrs to clear – and then it was as if it never was.
    Stay warm and dry.

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  2. Thanks, we’ll be ok, just sad to see the folk that won’t. We were those people in 2007, I was recognised in the supermarket from my TV interviews of woe. I just think the country should be able to sort this, we don’t all need to make billions, a rich country looks after its population


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