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One of the salient bits of face furniture if you are to be regarded as valiant  is of course the not so humble moustache.

I once grew a moustache, or at least had a go at growing one, problem I had was that I haven’t got enough hair inside my face to be coaxed out in the form of a bushy moustache. I leant this fact from my friend and sometime drinking partner “W” (to protect his identity as he is a successful business man and I wouldn’t want to tarnish his impeccable reputation, when my millions of readers see this piece), he told my son that the reason that he was bald and had a rather large bushy beard was that the beard heir was once head hair and it was pulled south through the skin on his face via gravity, for the hair to appear and manifest itself as ginger beard hair. The once brown haired man took the decision way back in his youth to have a beard rather than hair. This is a choice given to successful and potentially valiant men, and sometimes women, when they are in their late teens to early twenties. I never got the call because I am neither valiant nor successful in business in any way shape or form. Some of us are born to serve, I guess.

So my moustache was grown before Mo-Vember became a thing and was largely due to the lack of razors and the lack of effort on my part to attach much significance to personal grooming while I was trekking around the Himalaya, on the Annapurna Circuit. The beard and moustache combo was sandy brown and with my mountain weathered face and blue eyes I thought I looked the bollocks. When I look at the photos now I’m not so sure! The confidence of youth was paramount, but having  a beard hanging like wispy Cat-weasel affair, perishable stalactites, more a suggestion than actual substance. The moustache a spectre of hair, bleached by the sun and again barely there, not enough for the birds to nest in.

These days, I take my personal grooming about a seriously as I did back then; I’m clean but inherently lazy, too little time to sit in the bath with a razor and mirror, too much time spent on this blogging business, which isn’t actually a business but someone keeps telling me that for a knock down fee I could turn this into a profitable affair, doing what? Selling what? No one wants nonsense and bluster, which is why when someone follows me, or reads what I have to say it means an awful lot.

Anyway I thought you should know.


  1. O, you sound so much like me. I seem to have faster hair growing down my nose than on my face. My head hair disappeared 15 or so years ago and when I do refrain from shaving it’s as though I have the mange.
    Missed you.

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