FOWC, RDP & Your Daily Word Prompt


I’d like to make a complaint; specifically a complaint about the treatment I and many others are receiving on a day to day basis from the people who, terrifyingly, are in charge. The bunch of maniacs who call them selves a government. Only today after weeks and weeks of flooding the environment minister deemed it prudent to come and visit the towns along the Severn Valley. Far be it for me to speculate that he turned up because he was hearing the increasing disquiet from the rolling news channels day after day, hour after hour. I’d like to suggest that he was shamed into showing his weasel like face to try and pacify the poor folk who have suffered this time. Apparently these floods down the Severn Valley are a 1 in 100 year occurrence, it was this bad in 2007, which was the year that prompted the building of flood defences along the valley, in certain towns. I was flooded in 2007, and now it is 2020 which isn’t 100 years after 2007. Having said that maybe the end of the first hundred years happened in 2010 and we are now into the second 100 years. In which case I understand and I’ll shut up.

This so called government, looks like a government, they wear the correct clothes, they work in the Houses of Parliament and they sport job titles such as prime minister, chancellor of the exchequer, and various ministers. But I can’t help thinking that this govenment might be suffering with a case of pareidolia, I had to look up this word and in short I think it covers things which masquerade and look like others, most popularly “Faces in Things” where a potato looks like Jesus or a piece of scorched toast looks a little like Mohammed.

So I think the best way to try and sort out this mess, because lets face it, the Corona Virus is coming and I have very little faith in the Government being able tie its own shoelaces let alone save us from invisible microbes. I think we should have a massive brawl in the houses of parliament, and when no one is looking we should lock all the doors, and let some grown ups in business, social, environmental and educational sectors get cracking on the situations in hand.

I’m going to stop watching the news now, its all getting so depressing and Mrs T told Dr S, I’m becoming bitterly political.


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