Friday Fictioneers: Arguing actors

Wow!! This week the chief keeping us all in check is the wonderful Rochelle with her wing-person being the incomparable Dale Rogerson. Quite literally the dream team! I’d better watch what I write, and after last weeks excitement of being in the top twenty I’m sure I’ll have to settle back into the late thirties or probably more likely the forties for this week.

“Must try Harder” is what teachers would have said, story of my bloody life.

Ok well I’ve got to get my CV done tonight and write a covering letter, so i’d better get my skates on, so without further ado.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


“Well it wasn’t my fault”

“You said to turn left at the pub on the corner” 

“What? I said we should have left them at the pub, they could carry on without us, no one would miss Mr and Mrs Peasant 3”

“I’m so annoyed, I thought we were going to sneak off, and have a quickie behind the bins at Farmfoods”

“Oh you really know how to spoil a girl don’t you? Remember the stains last time?”

“Shut up, look it’s or turn, sing and look like you’re enjoying it, we’ll discuss this later, Bloody idiot”

“What did you say? 

The theatre group bus broke down on the way to the production and a couple saw the chance to steal off and all in 100 words. I’m a bloody genius.







  1. Mr. and Mrs. Peasant 3! So much for the quickie… typical lack of communication means lack of a quickie (hopeuflly sans stains…)
    By the way, “look it’s our turn” (missing a ‘u’)

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  2. Well penned. Too funny, I shouldn’t laugh. A similar ‘adventure really happened at a Bank I used to work at. A couple decided on many occasions to have a quickies’ in the stairwell but forgot about the security cameras. It didn’t end there, the security guard did not report it, he was selling the footage.

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