March 2nd 2020: Pinch Punch

A day late, but it doesn’t alter anything, the days pass, the blog still remains as a reminder to me and all my fans as what happened yesterday, the day before that and even 2 years ago. The answer, in the woods, not a great deal, and I like it that way. Not since the metal combine tooth was pilfered along with all the other found artwork, has there been much excitement to be seen. This metal Jerry can was a revelation, never seen it before, but we know where it is now so if anyone comes to visit the Kingdom Of Shrawley, i’ll put it on the list of must see landmarks. Benny was dubious of its place on the stump.

“What was the Squawk on the Walk?” asked Mrs T, just now? A good question, the main topic of discussion was Mr C was putting out the possibility of driving across America in a Winnebago; needless to say this hasn’t gone down too well with C.

More to follow, of the same, again and again.


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