Friday Fictioneers: Wishing Face

We’re going to Morocco, and have been tidying and cleaning and packing for what seems like hours, so todays FF will be stream of consciousness, Centered around a fountain. Rochelle has been kind enough to host this and to make me feel the pressure before I alight to the sandy country of the Atlas. Great photo Ceayr too, makes me have to think when i’ve no time.

So quickly,

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Stone man was worn out, he’d fought and vanquished various enemies swell as saving children and making the world generally better place. 

The humans had given him a glass fronted sky high palace to live which was more of a prison, he wasn’t allowed out for fear of trampling folk; the price of fame.

Humans had a bank holiday; he’d never been into the garret; he took his opportunity, squeezing up the narrow aperture and saw the daylight.

“POP”, he was out.

The air was wonderful, he cried like a fountain and people threw metal disks at his face.

There, 100 words about the fountain looking like a face. You decide!


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