Year Zero: Day 5


We are now in lockdown, pretty much, I walked alone today, apart from Benny, earlier than normal, it was peaceful and pleasant, but i’m sure that will pass, the virtual coffee at the Ministry was curtailed by news from the front that there is no HQ anymore, I’m meant to be at work and not take the piss, but there is very little I can do so I will be actively taking the piss, whilst actively not doing so.

Today I cleaned out my shed which hasn’t been done for many years, there were creatures living there, mammals probably, evidence of faeces and burrowing, leads me to believe illegal break in and squatting. The pile of rubbish which I can’t burn has now been neatly assembled near to the back gate for transportation via motor vehicle to the tip. Essential journeys only so I thought I could drop it off on the way to the supermarket when I do my next veg run. We live in  a peaceful village, which now seems so far from civilisation; we feel cocooned here, safe. And so when faced with the prospect of a trip to Stourport Tescos I shudder inside and externally. I feel afraid and don’t want to go, but needs must and to be fair the place was pretty empty of goods and humans. The girl on the tills was a trainee, her first day today, FFS, what a day to start, but the panic buyers will be tucking into their insipid tinned potatoes (not potatoes) and tinned carrots, which I hope they choke on.

The pile of rubbish sits there and I hear from the front that the tip has closed until further notice, so i’ll have to put it back in the shed tomorrow, burn it or fly tip it, all deeply unsatisfactory. In other news, there is not much other news.


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