Year Zero: Day 6, I think…

Evening, tonight Matthew I shall be writing a bunch of words loosely held together with prompts from Fandango’s one Word Challenge, Ragtag’s Daily Prompt and Your Daily Word Prompt, all relevant to my theme of Year Zero, which we all find ourselves deeply embedded within, and theres fuck all we can do about it.


You’d have thought that with all this time on my hands I may be meticulous about my work, or whats left of it. I’m still gainfully employed, they won’t be able to get rid of me, not for not working, there’s not much work I can do  before the tap runs dry. In Isolation my weight seems to have dipped, after my morning ablutions, and post shower, maybe too much information, maybe not enough, use your imagination. At a year low of 80.3kg, but lacking particular definition, amorphous shaped, one man’s pareidolia may lean towards pear shaped. Plenty of time to trim up, unless PM decides to take a leaf from the complete lunatic and despotic mentalist in charge of America, then we’ll all be crammed together like sweaty pill heads in an easter rave, he’s a dangerous man, really dangerous. Someone must confiscate his legs, chain him to a chair and cut his hair, never to go out again. If his plan goes ahead he will have blood on his hands, on a par with autocratic oppressors.

Mrs T and I walked early again today, pre ministry members, quiet, peaceful and warm, we had the woods to ourselves, and then back for a virtual cup of coffee with M and N. C tends to go quiet during these pandemics, unless she wants eggs in which case i’ll swap for some vape liquid. I’ve decided I will not be going to any shops until next week, yesterday Tesco’s was scary, being in an isolated village, living apart from neighbours has its luxuries, I can talk across the garden fence, from more than 4 metres, but it makes me fearful of crowds however small, I’m like my Mum with a mild form of agoraphobia.

Anyway, time for bed hopefully waking up without a temperature, a high one. Think I may dress up.

Stay safe everyone.

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