Year Zero: Day 7

Got up late, I’ve let myself go. I’ve lost a little weight, now under 80kg (morning weight minus piss). Who knows how this is going to pan out, now we know its going to be at least 12 weeks, at least. If we go outside we fuck up our immediate sphere of influence, so stay inside, or at least within your garden if you’ve got one. Its going to be hard.

I’m finding I feel more nervous to go outside of my village, i’m nervous to go to the shops, I’m feeling I’m worried about buying the paper on Saturday. This is insane, I never felt like this, I wonder how it will be assimilating ourselves back into society as we once knew it?


We’ve been home schooling today, how could anyone be a teacher? massive respect to those people, massive respect to the NHS who we applauded this evening, they are putting themselves quite literally in the path of death. God help us.

Night night


  1. We haven’t had to start remote school work yet, as the govt brought forward school holidays by four days. So we’ve all been home, yet I’m the only one doing any work (hubster’s chances of finding employment pretty slim now). But sometime after Easter when our hols end, we’ll be helping our three with their schooling. God help us all 😱😱

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    • Damn right. It’s ok because I’m 48 and am trained at being bored, my kids are shit at it, there a whole school year worldwide which will suffer because not all of us can teach chemistry. I vote to just stop everything, give us free food and booze, and start again in 8 months. Staying inside so as few folk get it as possible. I can’t believe this is happening

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      • Totally with you on all points. I did dumb-as-dog-shit subjects at school eleventy billion years ago, because i was (and fear still am) quite stupid. Can’t help the kids with maths in primary level. Now the boys are in secondary school I’ve got no chance of understanding what they’re doing (unless related to English, lit, etc…might just be able to help there). Luckily Hubster is of considerable intellect 😀. But yes they don’t know how to just be bored do they? Where did we go wrong as parents l wonder, given we can sit with boredom?? And yes, I can’t believe this fucken virus is going to tank the world’s economy, fuck with our children’s schooling, our livelihoods. How did this happen???

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      • The internet happened and Lego became confined to the loft. I didn’t really read much until I went travelling around 18 years old and then got really stuck into it, so I have to kind of accept my daughter not doing it. But yesterday she sat in bed pretty much all day on her phone with the telly on, it’s infuriating. But I guess it’s shit for her too. But surely you have to make the best of it, otherwise what’s the point?

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