Year Zero: Day 8

Joe Exotic, Tiger King episodes 3 to 7 or 8; the end, and a morning wasted watching some red neck lunatics fight over the right to breed tigers in their fucking zoos, America, it’s mad, FACT.

Got a call from my boss which I missed, I called him up and told him i’d done fuck all, I was rationing work, like food, with work running out, so my mind wonders, its very easy to do absolutely nothing, when you’ve spent the last 30 years doing an awful lot. This is what it feels like to be a retiree, sick and not able to visit places or to do things, life can pass you by.

I borrowed M’s log splitter and split some logs, big ones, expecting the wood to splinter and catapult into my eyes, I was pleasantly surprised with the quietness and power of the machine, we should all have a splitter, we should all have logs which need splitting. I sat down again, spent 90 minutes messing around with scanners and my son who was struggling with his school working from home thing. This is going to be harder than I thought, if they don’t learn, they will be disadvantaged. Might I suggest calling this 6-9-12 months off, a blip in civilisation, where they learn how to be bored and then, once all is back to normal, they can continue their studies. Some parents are better than others at home schooling. I am not a teacher.


I’d asked on the village message group if anyone had any chilli seeds, someone called Tracy came through, leaving a tiny M&S planter on the front door step, and I was told by Mrs T that my friends A&T were delivering their micro brewed beer. I called A, she was just round the corner, and 10 minutes later we were having a conversation on the side of the road, 3 metres apart, 2 cases of Tom Jones Craft lager on the floor between us, rubbing my hands with … A’s hand sanitiser. I got a crate for my neighbour, which i’m hoping to swap for a couple of bottles of white wine, he didn’t come through, i’m hoping he’ll trade tomorrow. I’ve volunteered to broadcast a selection of music from the future, stuff that I like and no one else realises they like yet, but i’m not sure I have the correct equipment, that quandary is for another day, tomorrow or the next.

And so it goes.

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