Year Zero: Day 15

Pinch Punch, way off, missed it by a day. The work is drying up, the citizens are becoming lazy. Going to bed late, waking up late, meal times are irregular, for those of us who have little to do, the kids too. The citizens with work to do are knuckling down, nose to the grindstone, emerging from the offices at 6pm, 7pm? Who the hell knows, time is starting to mean less and less. If nothing else this is turning out to be an extraordinarily damaging social experiment, imagine if it was a hoax!

(Which it’s not, in case you think i’m losing the thread)


Today I made breakfast for everyone, I made lunch for everyone,  I made a chilli sauce (no one will eat it) so just for me, I made a chicken and tarragon pie, then I got cross because the kids turn their nose up at everything which isn’t nuggets, kievs or pizzas. Give me fucking strength. I’ve taken both their phones off them, and will go for a long walk in the morning so they won’t get the back till lunch time tomorrow. Will that teach them? I doubt it. Will they turn their noses up at my food? I expect so. So speaking as a cook, and asking all other cooks out there, why would you cook nice things if the support wasn’t there? Why fucking bother? Its like throwing good money after bad, in the middle of a fucking apocalypse to boot, Fuck me. Just, Fuck me.

My chilli sauce will be a bloody triumph, tomorrow i’m going to cook duck, which will be a bloody triumph, breakfast, and bacon sandwiches for lunch will be a bloody triumph, because no one else will do it. Maybe the virus is getting to me, I should probably go and have a lie down. I was thinking of a dry April, thats gone now, i’ll have to wait for a prime number now.


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  1. Oh, yeah! Good to know kids are the same everywhere! The most fraught question to ever tinkle in my ears is, ‘What’s for dinner?’ Gaaaaahhhh! I’d happily eat those delightful meals you’ve written about…shouldn’t complain coz hubster does the cooking and isn’t half bad.

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