Year Zero: Day 19


The weekend passed, much like any other day, there was an amazing 29 hour constant stream of music from the Dark Outside inside broadcasting music which will never be heard again, although the broadcast being over the web rather than as usual over FM channels, meant that the music can be heard again. This was a stand out for me, the behind the nightclub remix.

My folks today were taking the car out because they hadn’t started the engine for some time, and when cars don’t start regularly they don’t work, like in the 1970’s, especially well looked after new cars. FFS, they had to go to the chemist, so I let them off, but really they shouldn’t be roaming around the countryside, the boredom is turning to cabin fever and lets hope it doesn’t turn into a real fever. What can I do?? I can tell them no, but what the hell can I do to stop them apart from trying to emphasise the danger of venturing out. Maybe Boris Johnson being in intensive care might pique their interest, my 80 year old folks shouldn’t be roaming around off the lead.

Don’t let anyone tell you that a watched post never boils, it does, same with a kettle too, i’ve done a lot of this watching recently. Time passes, and the days accumulate, who would have thought, as Mrs T sagely mentioned, that we would be in this lockdown situation just 2 weeks after returning from Morocco.

Unprecedented times, i’ll try and write something funny tomorrow, somedays things don’t seem to be too funny. Do listen to Meat Raygun by Adrian Carter, £2 on Bandcamp.

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  1. My 80 year old dad climbed a ladder onto the roof of their house to fix a tile that had come loose. FFS!! He was wobbly on the way down, apparently, dropped hammer which narrowly avoided hitting my mum on the head (clipped her hand) who was holding the ladder steady. When Dad got to the bottom rungs, she moved out of the way, and a split second later, turned to Dad to find him face-planted on the driveway – he’d missed the bottom rung and fell. Again, FFS! My two brothers live in Adelaide, so he could’ve called them BUT Mum also told me their next door neighbour, a sprightly young bloke in his early 30s and a painter has told them both numerous times that he can help them do any jobs around the house. Anyhoo, after nearly sixty years of marriage, I think Mum was close to calling it quits after that! Parents, hey?

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