Friday Fictioneers: Rotten

Good morning from the Kingdom of Shrawley, thought i’d try and get in early today, I think i’ve been in the first 10 once in about 2 years, I’m usually mid table mediocrity, so Rochelle I’m going to try and write this during a company record breaking “Webinar” which should be full of glitches and over talking, barking dogs and errant children. Thanks also to Jeff Arnold for the photo, let’s see what it inspires. So without further ado…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The plague, virus what ever they called it, had decimated the conurbation, the previously tranquil fishing borough had become a morgue. 

In the city bodies were putrefying on the pavements, flies were feasting on the dead and those expected soon to be dead. Whoever was left collected the cadavers, to set them loose on the ocean, to send them anywhere else; far from here.

The boats; rudders fixed, engines on, set sail for the open ocean, an explosive device on each. 

As the storm raged, and diesel fumes choked the harbour air, countless explosions dotted the horizon, a distant Armageddon.

100 words on the button, pretty grim today, sorry.


  1. Dear Shrawley,

    Too realistic. In face it sounds like New York City. Well described, though. Think I’ll go huddle in a corner and suck my thumb. But I’ll wash my hands first and then put on rubber gloves. Congrats on being early.

    Shalom and continued good health to you, your kids and your barking dogs,


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  2. As the others have said – grim indeed. And yes, I can’t help but worry for those in developing countries. While in the UK we moan about being bored, the suffering for those living in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions must be unbearable. A good story

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  3. We’re not there yet, and toilet paper is back on the supermarket shelves, so we may bounce back before it gets to this. The numbers coming out of Africa are suspiciously low at the moment, and I suspect don’t represent a true picture, similarly the middle east. Grim all round.

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  4. Once this was a Viking style funeral, now, well even twenty years back in India I have seen burning boats and bodies floating out to sea. Grim


  5. I hate to say it may come to that. Funeral homes have no more room and have stopped embalming. In Detroit they are storing the bodies on ice in ice arenas.


  6. Grim, but edging on the truth. I spent Wednesday in the A & E (sectioned off from Covid arrivals – lots of ambulances arriving, I counted one every five minutes before the flow eased off in the afternoon).
    Got home – showered and washed clothes, then counted my fingers. Now counting the days.

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