Year Zero: Day 22


I don’t think I should be discriminated against, don’t treat me like a cruiser on a cruise ship, i’m not a fucking leper. I was given a kindle in good faith, I asked for a kindle for my christmas present due to lighting issues being problematical during sleeping hours. But who’s sleeping hours? This is where the conversation seemed at the best point to divert from developing into an argument into a diversionary tactic which some people call compromise, or other people call losing. The whole point is I have just bought a book, usually I would in paperback or more often hardcover as i’m a sucker for a limited or first edition; I don’t like to miss out, always been that way, hence the relentless years between 18 and 30 something. Thats when the kids arrived and ruined everything, now reading is a pleasure and pastime, (so my CV was correct) and hence the kindle. I’m hoping the author of the book i’ve just purchased will send me an abusive book plate, to stick on the inside cover of the book, however having a kindle may change things, I really hope not; I’m hoping to become firm friends.

In the third week, there seems little let up as far as this lock down (pubs shutting down) situation, my daughter made a lemon drizzle cake, delicious it was but kept forgetting to feed it to me at an appropriate time, and also to put it away in a tin or in the fridge or wherever one puts a cake to keep it fresh. We’ve still got part fo our wedding cake somewhere which seems fucking ridiculous, cd’s will dissolve quicker than our wedding cake, I just can’t imagine eating a bit of cake after 17 years, the lemon drizzle cake achieved mould after 4 days. Not in a tin with dogs or a victorian sweet shop on the front see.

Disastrously I have started to think about making a patio, building one, my daughter and Mrs T have started looking at comfortable outdoor furniture for slouching all over, when i’m looking at the godawful wooden benches we’ve had for a decade, at least, and am trying to think whats wrong with them, but as I enter my late 40’s i’m beginning to think that a sun heated soft cushion would do wonders for my external piles. She can buy the furniture but what is it without a suitable platform to sit upon? It’ll be my chance to shine (as someone from the Once Show probably said once)

Business news:

The good news is that my company has told us that they realise that we will not be working a great deal in the next few months as most of our work is based outside, and they understand this and it doesn’t matter if you don’t do anything, although we should be doing something. So as a token, to us, of not giving a shit if we do anything or not, they have asked us to record what time we have done. Obviously we are all terrified and people are making up time left, right and centre. Couldn’t we just fuck it off for 3 months and start again in July?

Woods are looking good, bluebells are out, M and N are still walking together, but at least 3 metres apart, C, nowhere to be seen, but don’t worry fans of C, she will be back in the autumn.

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