Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge


Thought i’d try something a little different this evening inspired by  Sir Fan of Dango‘s Blogging prompt, this person reminds me of a detective; lets see how it goes… 

I’m not a police officer, neither a detective although I’ve met the former in formal and informal settings, thankfully for me nothing ever escalated to the latter levels of acquaintance.

Yesterday I walked out of the front door, expecting to get into my car and drive to the farm shop to get some milk, eggs and beer. Sunroof open, tunes blaring, a real boy-racer trip 2 miles down the road. I walk up to my car and i’ve got a flat, I haven’t been anywhere, why have I got a flat? I didn’t have one the day before or the day before, the car hadn’t been anywhere and neither I with it. A real puzzle. I took Mrs T’s car, got the supplies, came back and set about cooking roast Chicken.

On the Friday previous, my neighbour had tried to argue with me over a ball kicked over his fence and retrieved from his garden by my son. Before A (my son) was back, my neighbour, who I shall call Cock Soup (CS) was stood on top of his coal bunker, waist high at my fence, like he was on stilts, waving his fist at me, bare chested and handkerchief on his fat sun wrecked pink head, spit arching through the sunbeams. I thought to myself, “He’s having a bad Day,” he’d previously told me it was fine to collect the ball if A or myself kicked it over. I shut the back door leaving him to clamber down and finish his rant without an audience.

On my walk this morning I noticed my neighbour had parked his car sideways on his drive, so as I walked past, this morning with Benny, I couldn’t help but notice he had covered his wheels; front and rear nearside, with old carpet. Wrapped over the top and tucked under the sides to shield them from, well what? To shield them from what, exactly. I’ve never seen this done before, and haven’t googled what this might mean. I can only assume he’s trying to protect the wheels from assailants or vandals. We live in a village where even shed thefts are on the decline, and he leaves his garage open most days so it can’t be that. I must assume that he’s protecting them from me, because he’s suspecting I will slash his tyres after someone has done so to mine.

But how does he know? How does he know i’ve got a flat? Maybe he did it.

This one is going to run, I’ll sleep on it and try and work out my next move, to anticipate A’s. To say I’m pretty excited would be an understatement!



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