Year Zero: Day 34.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge, Ragtag Daily Prompt and Your Daily Word Prompt, the Holy Trinity together once more.


When all around the globe everyday folk are looking down the barrel of a long period of deflation or recession, job losses and company closures, possible home repossessions and homelessness, starvation, military conflicts, nervousness and paranoia. It has become plain for me to see that certain large, minimal tax paying entities and individuals, who are to coin a crude phrase, “rolling in it” are asking for government bail outs, hand outs, grants, help, a leg up, call it what you want, but my folks always told me, (I never learnt) that I should build up savings to bail me out or tide me over if the shit hits the fan. Having spoken to the Global chief wind tunnel fan operator just the other day, he told me that, judging by the terrible stench of big corporates and the sulphuric odours permeating the corridors of certain country’s powerhouses, the shit has well and truly hit the fan. Why should these large companies with plentiful reserves have access to safety nets? They built these companies up, they can do it again, unless of course the public has wised up to their crooked ways and in sometimes less than honest accounting. Ive got to pay my taxes, why shouldn’t these fuckers? That’s a pretty straight question and I’ve never really understood why we never get a straight answer. I understand theres loopholes, I get that legally sometimes they are not doing anything wrong, due to the way the law is written and due in part to some principalities having more favourably tax laws. Doesn’t make it right, its simply a technicality which the mega rich can afford and the rest of us can not.

For all the bravado of Mr Trump at the daily press conferences, the barring of certain journalists from the room, the bullying and belittling of some, his temper and temperament is that of a preteen, and I find it unfathomable that people are swallowing up his proclamations of the severity of this virus against his obvious desperation to get the economy up and running again and damn the collateral human damage. He’s blood on his hands. On the other side of the pond we have a British Government who seem to me like rabbits in the headlights, waiting to be lamped, unwilling to answer questions and unwilling to admit maybe there may be bumps along the road, unwilling to admit to failings in testing and in PPE. Answering questions, using their hands to mould their answers and talking in a tone which speaks down to me, us, as subtle as a fart in a theatre. I hate our politicians at the moment, I don’t trust them and can not believe anything they say, their reputation precedes them and there’s been a whole load of shit preceding this virus, we don’t need to single anything out, there’s just too much to shake a stick at.

But when I look at Jacinda Ardern in NZ, the PM who does FB conference calls dressed in a tracksuit, who takes a 20% pay cut like the rest of the population, leading by example, treating the population with respect, and with a definite plan, answering questions plainly and honestly and including the tooth fairy and the easter bunny as primary essential workers, it makes me feel slightly sad. Sad that we don’t have a PM who I can respect, and sad that the politicians leading the charge on Corona seem to have drunk a crate of the stuff in the war room before the least drunk of them all is shoved out to the lectern to conduct the circus of terrible news which is the daily Covid briefings. I understand NZ is a much smaller country and big businesses may not have such a hold on the governmental workings, and thus the complications of negotiations between one side and another may be less complicated, and some might think that governing New Zealand is akin to running a parish council, as opposed to a Metropolitan Borough. Maybe so, but I want more politicians like their PM organising my parish thank you very much with integrity and respect, seemingly untainted by the Guffaws and Smoke filled private Clubs of the so called metropolitan elite who decide which one of their mates will have a tax break so I can pay more.

I’ll be fucking glad when this is all over as will everyone, i’m sure but i’m hoping there will be more than a nuance of change in the way this rotten apple of a parliament conducts itself; even in the midst of the Pox, we have MP’s travelling to second and third homes, when they tell us not to, taking a full salary when they tell us to take a pay cut, And yet still they come, unable to make eye contact with interviewers and dodging the questions with the finesse of a ballet dancer on Spice, but yet not caring, not empathising. The nasty nasty people. I wish bad things for them.

Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury

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