Year Zero: Day 51

Today’s Flower Of The Day isn’t act7ally a flower, its a leaf unfurling, but i’m regrade and this is my blog so I can do what I please, so today as a special gift to anyone who is watching I’ve combined the flower of the day, The honourable Lord Fandango’s one word challenge and Ragtag’s daily prompt. Lets see what happens.


Begging my pardon Miss I have absolutely nothing to report today. It was Thursday, a day with a lot planned for me and my family, well if i’m honest me. A shit   load of wine delivered, a mobile Tyre man to fix my puncture of 4 weeks, at least I think, and possibly a bundle of vinyl to provide the icing on the cake, they didn’t come in that order as it goes. Wine, Records, Tyre. Jesus Christ this is dull, I thought I had an outline of a post; something to say but when my son tells me I’ve got red eyes, part wine, part hay-fever if I’m honest, then its probably time to call time at the bar.

Tomorrow has a lot to offer, sand and cement was delivered yesterday and with the bank holiday changing round like the death of Jesus usually does at this time of year to keep us all on out toes.

“When did he die?”


“When is that?”

“I don’t know, why can’t it be like Christmas?”

“Because it’s magic, that’s why”

“Oh” replied the gullible person, thinking it best to keep out of this un-winable discussion, he didn’t want to upset anybody.

So with the elements of patio waiting on my “lawn” (loosely described as) both the element of sand and the element of cement, tomorrow we make a patio, the whole family and i’ve told them all i’m in charge, expect photos and an exhausted Minister producing some awfulness from his position draped over the chair like a limp lettuce.


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