Year Zero: Day 53 continued.

What a difference a day makes, as the song goes, waking up full of concrete snot and limestone dust down my eustachian tube, made me yearn for the outdoors, for the woods where i haven’t been for about 3 days. It’s really green today, really over whelming with green, and in parts felt like I was being squashed by a giant flower press, there’ s a lot of nature, right now. But my job today was to walk, get my body back to some sort of normality, feel less stiff and fitter, more supple, tiles and concrete are evil and in my world would be handled by someone other than myself, especially the big ones, Fuck me, they were so heavy, the levelling out made them resemble a plane take off runway on an aircraft carrier or a ski jump, my job was to create a level platform where I can rest a brew, a beer or, the holy grail, a tall stem wine glass, without it falling over and smashing, i’m perfectly capable of smashing my own wine glasses when I wash up thanks.


Yes, after yesterday’s disagreeable incident with the levels, I was set on some quiet slabbing, just me, and my thoughts, and I’ve nailed it, not completely, but only a few edging slabs to lay later on in the week. The concrete laid toady just needs to “Go Off” then come Wednesday or Thursday I’ll crack it.

I’ve enough sharp sand to sink a battleship, Christ it’s heavy, so more than enough to go round. Wish me liuck. I saw a large deer today in the woods, Benny had gone on ahead, and we starred at each other for a few seconds, he can’t have been more than 10 meters away, but I froze and couldn’t take the shot, you’ll just have to believe me; it was a good Omen, possibly.


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