Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge


Today because i’ve encountered this and the link FFFS shows I am very, very angry, vocabularily (new word, you heard it here first). Here goes, an undisclosed number of words on the photo above.

The Pinkish one is in charge and the others are his followers, making themselves look and sound like him, adopting the same views so they can keep their pots and grow to be a popular vegetable in the circles that they run.

The pink one gets his information from the person who dumps shit on him and the rest of them, to make him grow. They like shit, these root crops. Once the shit is dumped the pink one tells all the other plants in the green house what he’s been told, but he suffers from delusions of grandeur, and so sometimes the message tends to be lost. This is when the other roots try to explain the words of wisdom from the leader given to him from the man who pours shit on the leader. Sometimes the vague meaning is made even more vague and the people outside the greenhouse get upset because they can’t understand what they are meant to be doing. All they want is leadership, and this doesn’t happen normally, normally they just end up confused and cross, but being outside they can’t effect any change, they can’t even vote him out. 

Maybe it’s time to smash the glass, maybe it’s time to burn the old rotten wooden frame. 

This could be a piece on the way the rulers are fucking my country.



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