Does anyone else feel peculiar?


About 14 months ago, possibly 18, I was thinking it would be a really great idea to up my game at work. I worked hard and my work is of a super standard, but at the Christmas do I told my Big boss, I was bored. I wasn’t drunk and this changed the direction I flowed during the year. I had several meetings with him all because of my lack of anything else to say to the man with whom I have nothing in common at Christmastime, even Christmastime itself. I imagine our days are the same but different.

Anyway, he kind of coaxed me in directions which could lead to furthermost, and after the Christmas period as we pushed through January and February I was thinking of how I could better myself, I was genuinely interested in what’s called career advancement, or kissing the right arses.

Then this happened, for 10 weeks, and the rest. And honestly, now I am slowly getting back into the job which I did before the Pubs shut, I find I really couldn’t give a shit or a flying fuck about the company I work for, and some of the managers and some of the jobsworth’s that are my colleagues. Everyday I’ll wake up and figure what I have to do, I love being outside and I’m working pretty hard now doing what I liked doing previously. But the ambition, working for the man, this seems wrong to me right now, and I wonder if i’ll ever get out?

As Bjork once sang in a toilet,

“There’s more to life than this”

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