Year Zero: Day 72 nearly.


Today’s been a long day, were still in lockdown Day 71, or 7.1 weeks into the new decimalised system. I’ve walked the dog, worked for the man, without any of the vim and vigour I used to have. I like what I do at work, I’m good at it, but everything I do is for the Man. I gate paid, sure, but not a kings ransom and the pox has made me re-evaluate. I feel like I’m on the edge of the event horizon of another midlife crisis, God help me! There’s a lot of interesting stuff out there, twitter amongst others has shown me that in my lockdown Paradise, in my chair next to my records. I would love to resign, to try something else, but I fear I don’t have the leadership qualities. With so much riding on 2 salaries where we live, the chance to escape must be meticulously planned out. I need to work out what a business plan is, and who needs to know, and who I need to convince and what I would do to keep us all in the fashion we are accustomed to. Christ knows, I don’t need clothes, my daughter says I am the only bloke she knows who can carry off scruffy in a suit. That’s her opinion, but we did walk up to Worcestershire Beacon tonight so I forgive her.


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