Year Zero: Day 77



11 weeks in, 11 weeks!!! Fuck me, how long will this go on? There’s a rumour that our pub will possibly open for beers in the garden in a week or two. We’ll see, numbers form the government haven’t confirmed a second wave yet, but it’s only a matter of time, maybe, but hopefully not. Wouldn’t it be lovely to lance this boil of a pox and it all disappears up its own arse never to be seen again. If this was a fairy tale then this might happen, after an interjection by a suitable hero (male or female, it doesn’t matter).

I’m also very proud of my 11 year old son, who stuck the black fist of the anti racism movement up in the study window, he did this on May 26th, the day after George Floyd was murdered by a police officer with a knee to the neck, suffocating the poor guy while his colleagues looked on. This was recorded by onlookers on their mobiles and then posted to social media in what must be the most watched, most harrowing snuff movie of all time. My son did this without prompting and told me why he did it and what the fist stood for. I think that with this attitude from a young boy in a predominately white county, things should get better. Colour to him, and to my daughter, doesn’t matter, what matters is that a human was murdered in plain sight, and only this evening, 8 or 9 days later have all the police involved been brought to justice. In the mean time Trump has instructed the national guard to intervene and single handedly escalated the situation to way beyond anything I have experienced, being white and therefore by definition having white privilege.


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