Friday Fictioneers: Durdle Don’t.

Well, here in Britain the lockdown is being relaxed without any discernible difference as the R number rises, and the Government spout all sorts of nonsense. And accross the pond, George Floyd is murdered in cold blood in what must be the most viewed snuff movie of all time, America burns, the President throws his weight around from deep in his bunker, and Ivanna dresses for the job she wants; Widow.

So Hello Rochelle  and thanks for keeping this little space in the internet just for us, thanks to Ted Strutz for the photo, lets see what my diabolic muse will bring forth today;

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The lifeguards were furloughed, the beaches were rammed, as the Leader trumpeted further unclear messages to the nation the preceding Thursday.

Nothing had changed, but the hoards packed their Esky with beer and cider and headed to the Jurassic Coast. 

The Swarm Whooped and Cheered them on; Scaling the Arch, Looking over the edge. Leaping off into the turquoise sea of Dorset.


One of the boys didn’t surface, people ran into the water screaming.

The ambulance drove from the beach, the picnic left for the birds, the litter for someone else.

His back shattered, he knew he’d never return.

There we go, a particularly grim tale of the idiocy of the general public when given unclear instructions. This government has bloody hands, but on a positive note, 100 words on the nose.


  1. Taken straight from the headlines. I thought a similar thing as I ran round my local park getting my daily exercise. Same amount of people hanging about in groups as last week, only this week they are no longer breaking any lockdown rules, so I can’t complain – and yet the situation hasn’t got any better, so why is it okay to change the rules? At least up here we’re slightly more sensible with no schools going back until August. Who knows where we will be by then.

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  2. When young bullocks are released from their winter confinement in a barn, they take unsteady steps into the green luscious filed – then wham! they go wild kicking and running and jumping about. Perhaps our young humans are no different.


  3. I live a few miles from Durdle Door. I could not believe what I was seeing on Twitter and Facebook. Whether the message was not clear or not, people have a brain. And few were being employed that particular day.


  4. I remember seeing images of the litter and thinking, Jesus, what is wrong with people? And how can anyone with half a brain think you can go from being locked into your homes to freedom to roam without there being some kind of consequence. As for the jumpers – youth thinks it’s invincible. I don’t blame you for being angry, Shrawls.

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  5. In the early 1970’s I was nursing at a former isolation hospital. Our politicians closed them down …50% of the time politicians get things wrong. Sadly 50% of people make the same mistake. Those gathering in crowds must think that they are immune, unfortunately they are wrong. Just like those who think it is safe to drive cars far to fast. I have lost good friends to road accidents and now this virus.

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    • Having been told what to do at the beginning if this, the people obeyed and followed. However the slogan changed and the chief advisor did what he did. The message became muddied, the result is all around us. The world is on fire 🔥


  6. What an angry piece. We human beings are not very good at common sense, are we? Still, I see some signs of hope in the pandemic, in that there is at least an attempt to work together to solve the problems. That must be hopeful, surely?

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    • Quite right, the rules were simple, then our pm changed them, but didn’t really tell us what he was changing them to, plus his chief advisor is above them, setting a precedent when he drove up to his folks house. The public need telling what to do in harsh times


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