Dunadunadunadunda TAPMAN!!


Exciting times folks today we had a new outdoor tap installed; we’ve got one already, this is our second, which makes us considerably richer than you. I’m fully culpable for this decision and photo which shows the hole the pipe had to come through. My mate who put it in started drilling and I drew a target as to where I thought it would come through, not a bulls eye, but tremendously exciting none the less, and to me he said Ooooo as he penetrated the plasterwork behind the dishwasher, the best place for taps, which is a satisfying conclusion to the drillage. The tap works like a beauty and now we can get the kids to clean the cars without dragging the back hose (two hoses too) through the house and wrecking the homestead. Maybe this will be a frondescense for their development, as they spread their wings and learn to sit in their bedrooms on their devices as they do every fucking day.

They do other stuff as well, and they are good kids, but for hells teeth I hope school starts again, can someone else take them otherwise? Is there a boarding school on North Sentinal Island? If they isolate for 14 days before term starts? I’ve go to go now, the 440ml cans which are popular in Supermarkets now are killing my brain in an IPAWay. Love to all my followers and stay safe and maybe I’ll have something else relevant to tell you tomorrow.


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