FOTD: Saint John’s Wort

Well, whenever I’ve had a wart, and i’ve only had a few, and i’m not a toad either, they’ve been mostly on the edge of my fingers, and I tend to eradicate them with a combination of a sharp blade, fire and teeth, that usually does it but then I end up with warts on my teeth. St John had no such problem it seems, so I give you for today’s FOTD a real close up of St John’s feet (thats where he got his). It worked rather well for him as his feet really stunk and these are sweet smelling little flowers.


NB: Disclaimer. This is all made up,I’ve had loads of warts,  I am a toad and St John’s feet didn’t smell. But I stand by the blade the flame and the enamel regards wart removal, although my friend N covers his in Gorilla tape and stares them of light and oxygen, thus suffocating them and killing them dead, until the next time.


  1. Warts remind me of molehills on a lawn. No sooner do you mow down one, and another appears. I give up with mine. They’re a thing of age. Thuja sort of keeps them from growing super-large, so I can just about get away with calling them beauty spots rather than witch spots. Gently filing them weekly with an emery board helps, too. I’ve tried rubbing dandilions on them, taping garlic to them overnight — nothing works. Aloe vera seems best to stop them itching.

    I have St John’s Wort growing in my garden, but prefer to take a small daily dose of CBD oil as a remedy for apathy, which is extracted from a plant that I’m definitely not allowed to grow in my garden!

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  2. I had a planter wart in the palm of my left hand which I excised with a razorblade – it has never dared to darken my palm again. the root on it was about a centremeter long.


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