Sitting, riding the clutch when I should turn the damn thing off, the bag of garden rubbish was in the passenger seat next to me, spilling over the gear stick, reverse would be ok, getting into first and second would require a shove of the bag with the shoulder, hopefully the traffic won’t be too bad this rush hour.

The diversion to the tip because of roadworks has led me into the leisure centre car park. The tip being one of the busiest paces for the last four months, the leisure centre certainly one of the quietest. The queue was long, but we’re used to that I guess, I had not a lot of room in the front of the car, I was really hot and there were insects swarming due to the hedge cutting i’d done, must be a fucking nest in here.

I’m stopped outside the front entrance to the leisure centre, theres a woman with a baby sat on her lap. Her legs are twitching and she’s bouncing the baby wildly whilst holding on to her round her waist. The baby’s head is looking all over the place. The woman is licking her hands, like a cat. She’s licking all the way from the wrist to the finger tips, on all the fingers on her right hand. Her left cups the baby’s tummy. She reaches into her bag and pulls out a box of cigarettes. She pulls one out and lights it, leading on the baby’s head and looks at me with her eyes, dead eyes.

The man in the Orange Hi-viz suit beckons the front of the queue forward, I turn and look at the lady, and move forward.

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