Friday Fictioneers: Petridish-Palette

One day, I swear one day i’ll be quick out of the blocks for this lovely weekly pastime, but once again, despite having the week off and little better to do, I’ve failed to get it done early!

Thanks to Rochelle for keeping this ship afloat in the choppy viral waters, and with a photo provided by your good self too, is there no end to this lady’s talents? Rochelle for leader of the world. Without further ado…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Chaotically coming out of lockdown and making Britain Great again by promoting the economic recovery through the process of drinking shedloads outside pubs on the streets, getting your hair cut and queuing for the “Drivethru”at KFC was an interesting theory. 

The test-tube cocktail company had gone into overdrive making mojitos and Sex-on-the-Beach in gulp size chasers, given away free with your first pint at Witherspoons. 

Boozing was Booming as was the A&E department. Unfortunately the labs searching for a vaccine were having to make do with what they could find at recently deserted art shops due to global test-tube shortages.

100 words on the state of the nation, it’s a sad state of affairs from where i’ve drunkenly fallen.



  1. It’s all okay, you can get a discount Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, paid for by the government, to eat out and catch Covid… And while your at it, can you take your Boris back please, we didn’t vote for him up here, but he keeps popping up pretending to think we like him.


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