Let the Bad Times Roll

So we’ve got another 6 months of this now, Fucking Covid, Fucking useless Government, Fucking Isolation from our friends and family without breaking the thrown together laws.

Goddamn it. Not much I can do really, if we can’t sell the house we’ed best get some logs in, it’ll be a cold and miserable winter. I should start a countdown clock, ticking off the days until we are free again to breed the virus so we can plunge back into a spring and summer lockdown again, and this will go on for ever and ever. I’m having a fair bit of trouble believing that this is actually happening to mankind, but it is so I guess i’ll just have to suck it up.


  1. Hello Land of my birth
    Here in Australia, things seem less desperate, though proportionally we have the same dangers. Our Media have stopped their feeding frenzy. Our service providers are still sending out identical emails with outdated information. My wife got on the phone and told them they were fools and those have reduced to a digestible level.

    We are in the Elderly and chronically ill group and so have Carers to assist us, and support agencies. Every time they arrive they ask a series of covid-19 checklist questions before they take us out.

    There is a Testing Station just around the corner on Mondays and Thursdays and the government advises we present for testing with the slightest of symptoms.

    State borders are closed with 14 day quarantine imposed if they do let you through. We are blessed to live in an outer Suburb though there are twits out here not wearing masks nor social distancing. Firsts trials of a vaccine have had some nasty side effects.

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