Friday Fictioneers: The Shambolic Ideas Man

It’s a Wednesday Night, there’s a light precipitation in the wind, i’ve drunk 3 beers in the bath until the water was cold, the UK has gone into a kind of make up your own rules lockdown for the next 6 months!! And yet here, in this small corner of the internet, I find peace and lunatics, thanks to the wonderful Rochelle who keeps this show on the road. This week the equally wonderful Dale Rogerson has provided the photograph, very apt for a lunatic neighbour of mine. So thinking cap was on when i was in the bath, now i’m in my chair listening to some peculiar ambient music which is where the magic happens, so lets see if we can produce anything in any way entertaining, Christ we could do with a lift.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


10 months in.

My bedroom lit up through the Velux; 3am.

He was outside, wearing a Tinfoil hat from a Conspiracy theorist magazine, he was covering his car tyres with potato sacks, whilst his partner was up the ladder with a cable attaching a dongle in a freezer bag to the top of the TV arial. Better signal there.

I could hear the distant hiss of the Shortwave from the matt black painted hut under the willow.

The mega-faceted foil wrapped house sparkled like a diamond in the spotlights, as garlic to protect against the plague hung unessentially in the windows.

There we are folks, how we can manipulate the world around us whilst are brains liquify and pour our of our ears in just 100 words! Enjoy the next 6 months (for the Brits)


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