In Corn based Snack news…

In a calamitous discovery today I was shocked to the core to find that the shop I usually stop off at in Bromyard has stopped stocking Tangy Toms, the world’s premier tomato flavoured corn sphere snacking, which I happen to be rather fond of. Problem is the shelves were bare and no sign of any replacements. Seems the rivalry between Golden Wonder and the multinational monopoly Tangy Toms incorporated, who have a rather satisfying strangle hold on the slightly spicy not really tomato flavoured corn based snacks. Now the shelves are dominated by the mighty Space Raiders, which I have always held a candle to, possibly even before the creation of Pickled Onion Monster Munch who lost their way in the mid 90’s with a poorly judged recipe change in the process loosing millions of keen snackers; and in a totally scientific poll conducted by my friend and I, whilst high on a cocktail of Blastaways and Guiness, concluded the Space Raider to be the victor in the great Pickled Onion debate, with an honorary mention to Seabrooks crinkle crisps.

Oooh onions. 

I took my leave, brought a copy of the “I” and 2 packs of Space Raiders, the lunch of champions, and with the rain hammering down on my car, too hard to do any work out side, too heavy for my work tablet to handle without becoming all jittery, and requiring submersion in a box of Basmati for the rest of the day. 

Sad end to my working day though as I took the back road from Whitbourne to Clifton, a 3 mile hill climb on very narrow pot holed roads through tunnels of trees whilst the rain hammered down. The hedgerows alive with darting birds of varying shades of brown flitting this way and that, one flew out from beneath the front of the car, soaring upwards and clipping the windscreen wiper, a trail of bloody entrails dragged down to the bottom of the windscreen, I don’t think the bird would have made it. 

Night all.


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