Fake Plastic Rulers

Slightly ironic to note today that a new sign advertising the place where you’ve arrived at, welcoming you into a forest of scientific interest namely due to its population of small leaved lime trees, which are mainly woody in their constitution, not to forget a smattering of ancient oaks and some well hidden Yews possibly older. The forrest is a place where wood dominates and yet the welcoming sign is made form some sort of plastic composite. What a world we live in today.

Yet this is in part similar to the people who have found them selves in charge partially by way of celebrity and television coverage, proving themselves in the past to be funny (mainly to laugh at rather than with) ; the Posh twat and the faked yet shouty businessman with a catchphrase he would have heard probably within a month of starting a job working for anyone else apart from his father. “Christ I’ve bred a monster” Trump Senior was heard to have shouted in his wine cellar as he tried to cop a feel of a late paying single mother working three jobs to try and keep the roof over her and her kids heads. It is evident from Trumps Hollywood style filmed resurrection after a few days in the military hospital, that he has a really poor view of the populous as he tries to fool them to thinking everything is fine, belittling the virus, belittling the years and years of study of the scientists, by denouncing the plague, sending out signals to the socially media lobotomised masses that it’s all a load of bollocks; something a builder said to me on site after I’d spent 5 minutes explaining to him what I was actually doing on site, and whilst my job has become increasingly tedious and seemingly pointless due to decisions made by upper management in the last year or so, it is definitely not “A load of Bollocks” No it is not, and nor is this virus. That Tall story telling, Tan-tastically awful pensioner has, in a few years, caused uproar world wide and appealed to the most base of instincts; xenophobia and protection of the right to bear arms via survival of the ones prepared to hold a gun against another man’s head in the name of  MAGA. Bullshit, if this virus has shown us anything it is that no one is infallible no matter your phenotype or your genetic make up. 

Fake Plastic Rulers, are just that, they will get found out, when the multinationals collapse, and the profits are seen to be just manipulated numbers on an excel spreadsheet, as the accountants audit them and reach column Z, they’ll be nothing left, and these brutal and brazen profiteers will be seen for what they really are; evil men and women, using the workers, the very powerhouses which keep the economy ticking along, because without the worker bees the queens don’t get fed and the Hive dies.

I don’t wish Trump or Johnson dead, I just wish they’d fuck off and never darken the doors of politics ever again, businessmen, and I use the term loosely, shouldn’t be able to wrangle the rules of the nation to suit their own means. I don’t want a celebrity leader, leaders should inspire trust and confidence, not be like some tinpot superhero, creating this life of a really tired action thriller film, done a hundred times before much better in the cinemas all over the world. People need to open their eyes, think for themselves and stop being spoon fed what the internet tells them to read.

So in truth you should probably stop reading this blog, it’s all a load of bollocks, or at least thats what some people tell me.


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