Down the Pan

There has been increasing speculation in the corridors of Blogging Power why “the ministry of shrawley walks” seems to have taken his or her foot off the gas over these last weeks. The truth is I’m bored, sick of Covid, sick of being stuck under this never ending, perpetual Purgatoric parish rule. Its not a lock down, that sounds far too organised and final. Over the course of this clusterfuck of a plague response decisions have been handed to the people, and so blame shifted from Government to the public; a useful get out clause for incompetent politicians, of which there definitely many and this pandemic has shown us that this is absolutely the case. An oily shower of rusty water is what they are.

So I’m finding myself cross, at a lose end and full of frustration, thsnk God we’ve got the house move to look forward to which should be sometime in December. So as an antidote to all this awfulness I have stumbled across a system of inspiration created in part by Brian Eno; a card turning application called Oblique Strategies. When Eno was devoid of inspiration or stuuck in a studio frozen rut, he developed a way out, a card was taken when musician’s block manifested and on the card was written a random phrase; it is then upto the musician to interpret this as best he or her sees fit. This is what I am going to do wuith my writing throughout the month of November, a) to try and improve my writing, b) to try and increase my readership and c) to hopefully inspire me to ultimate greatness. Then, who knows, there may be the ministry merchandise  filling the shelves of Woolies before you know it! And there I will be a scruffy pastoral Prosemonger cutting a swath through the already crowded fields of that type of thing. 

Watch this space and look out for some Oblique Strategies come November, because thats when I’m doing it.


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