Tiny machines

First of all I think I should wish my daughter A Happy Birthday, she is 17 today and I am 49 today, which makes it my birthday too. We’re in Lockdown so we went to college and work respectively and then Mrs T got us an Italian takeaway. We’re all stuffed and theres 1/2 a pizza, a whole garlic bread, some bruschetta and some meatballs in the fridge for tomorrow’s tea.

I won’t make much of a song and dance about this post but I feel I should share with you what happened to me at work today, don’t worry I won’t keep you long, max 500 words I reckon.

So I was on site today, just got my kit ready and had just started what I do which of course is top secret because I don’t want any of my work bods to discover i’m doing this. So a bloke with a top knot comes up to me and says Hi, and we get talking about the fact its my birthday and he remarks that i’m a scorpion as is he, his birthday was a week ago. Then without prompting he tells me that Covid isn’t a thing, its all bollocks. With that he launches into a stinking froth of verbal meconium. He’s telling me about the science and the statistics, on and on he goes, without pausing for breath but pausing to say “an intelligent bloke like you…” I wouldn’t believe in this and that, the government are all crooks (Duh!) It’s no worse than a cold, etc etc. I couldn’t get away, and what had started off as a pretty nice exchange was becoming very one sided and dull, one sided because I couldn’t speak, and dull because, well theres no reasoning with some folk, plus I didn’t come to reason I came to do my job and fuck off home as quickly as possible to have a Birthday Beer.

I am capable of rational thought, but when someone talks at you with a well rehearsed set of stats to hand which he has obviously regurgitated to anyone who would listen or couldn’t move in the pub, supermarket, on a bench or on the building site. On and on. He didn’t wear masks, no point, he didn’t believe the virus exists, he didn’t think viruses existed, vaccines didn’t exist, they were being injected into our bodies with tiny machines which will track us and keep an eye on us. Masks prevented communication, and here he mentioned Burkas, and muttered under his breath. This Guy would have been a flat Earther or Hollow Earther if i’d have let him get that far. I had to make my excuses and crack on, and as I walked off up the site I heard him blathering on about this and that; “an intelligent bloke like you” etc. 15 minutes later as I walked past where he was working he’s still spouting 92% this 1 in 12 that. 

Exhausting, Imagine being his wife or kids or mates. I doubt I’ll see him again but I hope he gets what he wants from life.


  1. O, lucky you, a few weeks ago we had an Irishwoman with her baby tell us exactly the same trash. It would be awful to have to say to them -” I told you so” that is if we ever got a breath in to speak.
    Happy birthday to you both and may you have many more – speaks elderlier Australian.

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  2. We have patients asking us why we are wearing PPE at work. I even had a patient try to grab my facemask and remove it. What do they think we are doing? Do they think the NHS are making this all up?


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