Nov 10: Oblique Strategies

Another day, but no normal day as I enter my 50th year (age 49) and I’ve news, perhaps earth shattering, that not a great deal has changed. But i’m getting into this Oblique Strategies business thanks to Eno and Schmidt. Here is todays…

Don’t be Frightened of Cliches

He took my heart, it was a landslide. So sung Olivia Neutron Bomb as she waltzed out of the office job she had, with designs on the dishy accounts manager, a violin screeched rythmically and a hawk looked on. Meanwhile otherworldly apocalyptic beings wrapped in rags gesticulated beseechingly wrapped in black rags and Olivia, like Mr Ben, changed form smart grey suit, to slutty red leather minidress suit and then into skin tight white catsuit (not many can carry that off) when she entered the otherworld and set about preparing the groundwork and digging the trenches to shag the now transformed account manager who appears to have become some sort of sexy soothsayer. Just as they’re about to get down to it, a bunch of the apocalyptic survivors disrobed and changed into children which pissed on Olivia’s fireworks and the couple would have to wait until after Top of the Pops finished and the kids went to bed before they could get down to the business of sexual delight.

The whole video now could be regarded as a massive cliche, but i remember it from back then and found it especially raunchy and suggestive like a Garcia Marquez novel in that much of what happens is not said. She sets us up like kippers, wanting for more and in the meantime her bank balance os sky rocketing. Nice one Olivia.


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