Friday Fictioneers: Swinging Self Control

I apologise for being absent without providing a note from my Mum last week, I was in a plane crash and we were stranded in a chain of mountains without food, the only way to survive was to eat my FF post, for which I am sorry, it didnt taste very nice so was probably a shambles of a post anyway.

Anyway, I’m back and its great so see Rochelle still manning the fort and with photography provided by Sarah Potter it makes for a rather pleasing combo. 

Thinking cap is on, so here we go.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Thoroughly tired of the humiliation of being baled out by his more stealthy wife; she was so much more surreptitious in her Swinging. He, however, was always getting caught with his trousers round his ankles, literally since he’d started Dogging.

But the thrill of the chase was becoming tiresome, not to mention being on first name terms with some of the local constabulary, a little more with one officer specifically!

To stop him straying a Honeytrap was set; a Pampas Grass bush planted right outside their Bungalow, easily visible from the road.

All they needed to do now was wait.

There we go 100 words on the nature and pitfalls of Swinging in Suburbia, google it if you’re unsure!


  1. I didn’t know anything about the connotations of Pampas Grass in your garden, or Doggers! And because I had to google it, that did take away from my enjoyment of the story (sorry) because I didn’t get it.
    I did enjoy your version of ‘the computer ate my homework’. Very amusing 🙂

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    • Ha! I think! I walked the dog, cleared my head and wrote it before I went out to work, waiting for some files to come from the HQ server (blah blah) I like writing in the morning, Its all getting a bit too much in the evenings these days, we’re meant to be moving house in about 3 weeks so my mind is on other things!!


  2. What? You missed MY photo last week? I am shocked, appalled and terribly sad – course, I’m totally teasing here. A little bit.

    As for this here story: Takes a special kinda skill to become adept at the swinging incognito thing. Actually, methinks if one must sneak, one is actually cheating rather than swinging but hey, semantics.

    Too much fun, as per.

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  3. I think I’ll take your excuse with a pinch of salt. Enjoyed your story; we were mortified to discover when we moved into our present house, that the front garden was liberally dotted with pampas grass. Most of it wasn’t visible from the road.. the clumps that were we quickly removed. You never know when strangers will call… 😦

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