Nov 22: Oblique strategies

Sunday after a Zoom chat and slightly hungover this morning, so its up to Eno and Schmidt to kick me up the backside and get things cracking.

A Line Has Two Sides

“I know the way, follow me”, he spoke with hubris as the children trudged down the path; a bleached path through the centre of some drooping rapeseed, the poison rain had damaged the crop and the sun burned amber through the opaque static atmosphere. A dirty bomb had stopped the countryside in its tracks as the town ceased to function. Only rats scurried through the streets, feeding on the corpses which littered the once bustling market square as the t-shirts hung listless and dust covered on the dusty silver rails.

Their intent was to survive till the next day, if they made the river, a tiny thin line on the map, maybe the water may be drinkable and the other side may offer some sanctuary, or some company, they hadn’t seen anyone for days, not since they had to kill the crazy man at the pub, no one touched his girl. 


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