Nov 20: Oblique Strategies

Oi! Eno and Schmidt… No! Today’s Oblique Strategy is quite beautifully.


Turns out today we have a politician called Priti Patel who is a massive bully, although she denies any bullying, she apologised to the air by saying that “if” she offended anyone or hurt anyone it was purely by mistake and she didn’t realise it and as such is sorry for such actions. Today I dug a massive hole in the garden, harvested the worms and cut them in half. If I have somehow offended these worms I am truly sorry. Everyone knows if you chop a worm in half two grow. That, my friends,  is Biology and asexual reproduction for the psycho.

I’ve often looked at the Tory party and thought to myself that each and everyone of them has no business representing me; i’m nothing like them really. I went to school with a lot of people like them and they were always terrible cunts, either bullies or the bullied . This is the Tory party paradox, I was lucky enough to go to a similar school to these people because my folks worked damn hard to afford the fees to get me there, this was 30 years ago now and I don’t have a job trading money, or advising, i’m not on a board. I went to a reunion about 10 yeas ago and there was a small group of public sector workers, and a massive group of massive show offs. We drunk the free beer, went into the free nightclub and mucked about, don’t fancy it again. What the hell do I care if Thomas Tyler sends his child to the same school I went to? What music does he like? Probably Ed Sheeran. Films? Probably some sort of car film.

Point was, and is, that these folk had no real drive as far as I could see further than increasing their bank balance, mine has always been woeful since I left boarding school and I have no skills to maintain a sensible financial line into the future, Mrs T is my saviour in these matters, thank goodness. These people who were bullies or bullied are now in charge of where we are in the mess of Messxit and they don’t care because all they want to prove is what a big cock sure, I am, they are., at the expense of the rest of us, a majority of the population who voted to stay here, where we are, in Europe. Life wasn’t so bad, maybe some companies could have made massive profits if things were different but a huge majority of us were fine thank you very much. The distinct lack of  compassion for the everyday working man or woman in this governmental run is stark. It’s all be said before, but todays Prime-ministerial defence of a previously convicted rotten apple throws petrol on the fire, and further widens the gap between us and them. We need to reverse cautiously, not back to the economic past, but in an attempt to try and look after people a little more. 

And it’s for this reason that Pritti Patel should fuck off.


  1. I have to chuckle, I know I should not.

    Pritti Patel and the Home Office reminds me of the TV comedy “Yes Minister”. where the civil servants undermine the minister’s grand ideas.
    I expect we will never know what really went on between Pritti Patel and Sir Philip Rutman, her excuse is that she was not being properly updated, supported and briefed _ hence threw a few explicits around.
    All very well for Sir Philip to resign he will not exactly be out of pocket.

    Remember this is the same man in the Home Office at the time of the Windrush Scandal, of course it is always the ministers fault, Theresa May and Amber Rudd. Amber Rudd had to resign and take it on the chin. Yet the people, the civil servants, who actually administer the rules seemed to be impartially blind and blameless.

    I am not aware of Sir Philips’ response to the following during his watch.

    The March 2020 independent Windrush Lessons Learned Review[10][11] conducted by the inspector of constabulary concluded that the Home Office showed an inexcusable “ignorance and thoughtlessness”, and that what had happened had been “foreseeable and avoidable”.

    I am not a politician or a civil servant, therefore my perception is from, “Yes Minister.”
    Like I said, I have to chuckle.

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    • Or maybe more “the thick of it” slightly more sweary. Ultimately the minister must take it on the chin, but from what we hear Sir Phillip was leaned on by our PM to make the report slightly more favourable. It’s a shame that we’re all talking about this rather than the serious business of managing the virus competently and of course the shambles that is Brexit!

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