Nov 24: Oblique Strategies

The offing from Eno and Schmidt today is …

Use Fewer Notes.

I swear I’ve had this one before, but maybe dreamt it. The irony is at the moment i’m surrounded by notes, written notes on scraps of paper; things I need to remember to do when I’m meant to be working. A trip to the environment agency because I’ve lost a certificate allowing me to discharge my shit into a ditch. A phone call to the Boiler people because i’ve lost the certificate saying that I’ve had the boiler serviced this year. A phone call to the removal company asking them to give me boxes, tape and a good price to take all our stuff from here to there. A trip to the new house to aske them when they’re going to install the kitchen, the boiler, the carpets, the flooring and it better be in the next 3 weeks (less than) because I do not want to have to faff about prior to Christmas when I have to tell my folks they can’t come to see us for fear of catching the pox.

Theres a running theme here, as I sit on the chair surrounded by boxes and boxes of records and swatched in a sweet fog of Blackcurrent smelling vapour.Theres too muuch for me to do, but good news came today from our buyers who have agreed to buy the house if we drop the price because it has certain elements of a growing dilapidation, they want to fix it and we need to get out, pronto. So with this in mind, and against the odds, hopefully by the end of the week we shall be certain of a move in date and hopefully would have exchanged contracts. Then it’s legal and they can’t fucking touch us  as we ride off into the frosty cold of the Worcestershire Winter, the central theme and motif being to have a massive lack of notes of things to do. I intend to Use Fewer Notes in the very future, but still intend to lose as much as possible so I make it harder for myself to move in the years to come, thus the circle of life will be complete as I turn into my Dad, cantankerous and settled, but favouring IPA over Whiskey.

Plus it’s Black and White Tuesday, so today’s blog is overflowing with content.

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