Friday Fictioneers: Intolerance

Later than last week, but them’s the breaks. Thanks to Rochelle for keeping winter wintery and fictionary (a book you look in to discover items relating to fiction) Susan Eames; thanks for the shot, I’m hoping your ankle is better, if it is indeed your ankle and not an imposter. So now i’ve got to think…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


“People who paint their toes are obviously fucking queer” suggested the corpulent man in the pub, nervously looking sideways.

A few Creme-de-Menthe Frappes and a hot dog sausage later Dave was feeling more relaxed, and started to wax lyrical about the time he had met a really lovely person in Cambodia; so feminine.

His mates laughed at him, then scoffed at him and then accused him,

“You bloody Puff” they spat.

Dave, silent. sat up and stood up,

“Well I don’t see whats wrong with making friends with Cambodians”

His “mates” stood up and kicked his fucking head in.


Well there we are, a tale about Homophobia, 100 words.


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