Friday Fictioneers: An Ever-Changing Canvas of Sky

It’s been a while, i’m still here, gasping for air as the internet slowly churns away under the icy wildlands of Clifton Upon Teme, it’s the end of the Earth I swear, but lovely to be here once more. Hey Rochelle I apologise for my absence, more of that at a later date, but I’m here and I’m going to write a 100 word story with a beginning, middle and an end based on the photo below taken by Na’ama Yehuda, bit rusty dusty but i’ll give it a go.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The sky stretched up to the wind blunted serrated horizon as I cradled a tumbler of red wine, the clouds Pinkening, the harsh clucking of the pheasants echoed around the copse below.

Our breaths visible in the icy winter air, jackets, pink cheeks and mismatched hats, shivering in the fading light, cigarette smoke like a slow-motion explosion tainted with the beautifully scarlet sunset. I wafted it away, not wanting to miss a single thing. 

Behind us, patio doors solidly clunked, swung open and my son emerged from amongst an aborted Tetris of boxes and packing cases.

“Where’s the Flipping WiFi?”

There we are, 100 words, on the button about our house move which we’ve just undertaken… Hope you like it.


    • Funny thing is, I’m a country mouse and have been living that way for nearly 20 years previous, we just seem remote here. We’re high up, but we’ve got a shop, 2 pubs and a garage, not to mention a hair cutters curtain lady and a wood burning stove shop! Just can’t wait to get out from this hideous predicament we all find ourselves in!!

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  1. Great story! I am not a big city person, nor am I a rural country person. I prefer something in between… like a small village. though, I’m not fond of living in a “fishbowl” mentality. Where we live now, we’re in the city… not huge, but close enough to go to the “big” city if we want to. Maybe in the next year, we’ll be able to get out of the city altogether and back to small town peace. Have a great new year!

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  2. Dear Shrawley,

    Moving’s so much fun, isn’t it? NOT. Love the tetris of boxes. I guess the boy doesn’t appreciate the lovely sky. You made me smile. You made me laugh. Good one!

    Shalom and a good new year.


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  3. LOL. This reminds me of me in Yellowstone, when I first realized that there are still places on earth with no cell phone towers. Also, a lot more stars and other pretty things – once I paused to notice it. I’m definitely the son in this story. Fun read!


  4. I echo Penny’s comment. This was beautiful writing, Sir Shrawls… May we have more please (said in my best Tiny Tim voice).
    And, that said… typical kid, eh? Here you are, breathing in the beauty around you only to have the screech of a needle sliding over a record player moment brought to you by the lack of wifi…

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