Old Age Nymphos

A friend came round today and we took the dogs for a long walk, it was a really great thing to do. In this lockdown these wild hills which I now inhabit tend to get pretty lonely, we’re not really allowed to meet our neighbours as talking may well be frowned upon and as predicted way back in the lockdown about a billion years ago, people are more interested in whats going on outside their own windows than whats going on inside. Oh for some change, some alteration to this bleak, tedious, neutral,  nut brown, monotonousness we are all suffering.

The great news is from Blighty that we have vaccinated over 3 million of the population and they aim to have offered everyone over the age of 18 the chance to be vaccinated before September, might be a tall order but if we give the controls to the NHS, then maybe we’ve got a shot, they have struggled and are still struggling through this pandemic keeping us all alive and if anyone should be granted the kingdom of the world and special badges to allow them to do whatever they want afterwards, they should. The older folks have received the vaccine, a fair few have now had the second dose and so they are leading the charge to book holidays, mainly cruises so they can all start  getting frisky on the seas and oceans of the world, possibly prompting a new baby boom in the over 70’s all conceived at sea with names such as Neptune and Ariel. Welcome to the uncertain future of topsy turviness where the joyfulness of the aged is in direct opposition to the melancholy of the young, desperate to go on holiday in the summer but being denied the opportunity because they don’t have a vaccination certificate. The World has shifted on its axis and with climate change brushed under the carpet because of the insatiable desire to get drunk, take part in an orgy and ride a jet ski all become pressing issues for the older permitted travellers to complete a bucket list they made while sat in front of Pointless day after day.

I wonder what the government strategy will be to try and quell the insatiable sexual appetites of the septuagenarians and above, life after Covid will be one long party of equity release, credit card debt and debauchery… Or maybe it won’t, I for one doubt i’ll be going anywhere too exciting this year, again, but hope for my daughters sake that come September the kids will be able to go back to school and colleges, able to mix and to hug in and outside of the classrooms, building up their confidence of physical human interaction once more instead of disappearing down into their Telephone Operating Systems. 

Night folks


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