And who the FUNK is this for Really?

First things first, I’m  not a fucking charity and secondly I write this shite and so the least you can do is read it. Ok sometimes it’s a load of waffle and maybe a bit too long, and occasionally too needy and also fans have mentioned that its tends to drift a bit. Bu7t Saturday, traditionally the busiest  day of the week as far as bookmakers are concerned. I’m not a book maker, but one day I may be a book writer. 

So do me the honour and read my fucking shit you losers. I love you all, not sexually. 

The reason for the rant is that NO ONE looked at my blog yesterday, not a fucking oner. Thats a first in over 3 years, and so now i’m goi g to go and strangle the neighbour’s cat who is called Dave, and it’ll be your fault.


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