Winter of No Content.

Another day of this shit, with precious little happening. Remember when I did the 100+ days of the first lockdown? Last year? Well we are cruising like a liner towards an iceberg which has a massive supply of the vaccine kept super cold, effective but really hard to get to all the passengers without scuppering the ship and sending us to the bottom of some undiscovered deep oceanic trench. Doesn’t seem to be much sign of an end to this particular lockdown.

All I want is to go to the pub and think,

“Can I get some service here please?”

Just like in the good but slightly hazy old days. Christ it’s coming up for a year only about only 8 more weeks, seems so much water has passed under the bridge since then, some peoples lives have changed for the better but some have sunk to the depths of despair, nearly 100000 lives have been lost to covid or complications therein, in 10 months, 10000 a month on average but take away the madness of a  muddled summer of contradictions and abandon where the rules were whispered by politicians as they encouraged us to get back on it, seemingly ignoring the medical advice of a greater second wave due this winter. Fuck me this is depressing, and according to lack of meat on the bones of lockdown policy, no one has any idea when this will all end. Schools are very unlikely to go back before Easter; the Christian festival which is governed by the lunar cycle or something, it’s never in the same place but Christmas is, possibly because everyone has their holidays at that time of year. When i’m in charge i’ll change it just so theres no confusion anymore, life is tricky enough to negotiate especially in these unprecedented times, how I long for Precedented times.

Anyway, the good news is that my Telescope is in a warehouse somewhere waiting to be despatched, rusty dusty and in a battered package I suspect, but just as the moon is filling out or waxing, so i reckon if theres a girl in a T-shirt up there i’ll see her, such is the power of this instrument (according to the bumpf on the advert). Also we had our loft boarded out today, the company was the tidiest company i’d ever encountered, certainly more so than the contractors who worked here. Instaloft they’re called, so book them up and if you could tell them the Count of Clifton gave you their number then there could be a few quid in it for me, so i’ll see you in the Lion in June.


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