Paradise lost and found


We’ve made it. The UK now has reached 100,000 deaths from or caused or affected by Covid. Thats pretty shit from where I stand, which is usually next to the window in the kitchen, but how I yearn for chairs and a table. Our new kitchen is such a lovely place to be potentially but a terrible place to relax actually. Cooking is a fine pass time coupled with wine and somewhere to sit is the Holy Trinity, at the moment we have the unholy singularity, the centre or edge of a black hole, or what is left after a black hole or whatever exists just before a black hole is created. Its about black holes, all of this, about what we see but most of all what we don’t.

Which is why I now have a small but infinitely powerful telescope which can fit into my pocket and allows me to see into the future and back into the past, a long way. This makes me unique in that no one else has ever had a telescope like this apart from Jamie, but he had a magic torch which made holes in the ground, technicolour holes, which he could leap into. I’d been waiting for the torch for ages and now it seems that I have gained the postman’s trust and he will presumably deliver to me what I require and what I have ordered, or preordered, I got 2 records today too from the subscription service I joined, Isn’t vinyl wonderful?

The carpenter, M, close relative of Jesus came today to start on my record shelves, we are about 40 cm from the sitting room floor thus far and it looks bloody amazing. I can’t wait, but will have to, see what tomorrow brings, presuming height and more shelves. So goodnight fair folk, love you all.


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